Submit A Story

Submitting a story begins by asking for divine guidance. Pray and reflect. Personally, I wrap my hands around a carving of praying hands, then I begin.

What’s new with nurses and Jesus? What’s new with teachers and Jesus? What’s new with doctors and Jesus? No one should keep their story incognito. Figuratively speaking, shed the sunglasses, let me see your face and tell me your story. Joyful, genuine and purposeful stories will be considered first.

You may write your own story or arrange an interview (see below).

First, write:

  1. Start your story with, “Alice, this is what I want you to know about me and Jesus.” You may also write about someone you know. Get their permission first. You are not writing a story for a publisher. You are writing a story for me. I will edit, polish and prepare your story if it needs it.
  2. Write about that experience, vision, struggle or joy that comes back to you over and over again. How did Jesus help? Or, consider writing about your values, like a good education, a peaceful home or respect for elders. Click here to view examples of stories with themes that reflect cultural practices and values.
  3. Do not rule yourself out! Your time has come. Take advantage of this opportunity. Submissions from everyone—millennials, farmers, truck drivers, doctors, cooks and volunteers—are needed. Do not hold back. Faithful to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism? Your story is needed too.
  4. Compose a story of 600 to 1,200 words. Poems and song lyrics are also OK. Shorter or longer stories—well, maybe.
  5. Cite references. Do not forget the Bible (version, book, chapter and line). I need enough information to check all references.
  6. Done writing? Let the story rest for 24 hours. Return, and make changes. Note: On your honor, you will not plagiarize. Your ideas and words must belong to you.

Then, submit your story:

  1. Email your story (attached as a Word document), or mail a hard copy to:
    What’s New With You and Jesus
    1051 Jamey Lane
    Addison, IL 60101
  2. Include a cover page with your name, address, telephone number and email address. Tell me if you text. Let me know your native language and if the story has been translated into English. Then, proudly write the title of your story. As the author, how do you want your name to appear? You can remain anonymous to our readers, but you cannot remain anonymous to me. You can also choose a pen name, though I encourage you to use your real name. Jesus knows the words are yours. Shouldn’t others?
  3. Complete and return this permission form to the mailing address listed above and on the form. Once you return the completed permission form, your story information is contractually mine. That said, you can recall the story at any time. The permission form allows me to use your story in magazines, at conferences, at workshops and on the website. Together, we will show people how Jesus works on Earth.
  4. I will send you a gift when you send me a story that has been professionally edited. To connect, I will need the editor’s contact information. See the giveaway below!

IMG_20151118_134014 (1) IMG_20151118_135016 (1) IMG_9248 blessing

Or, arrange an interview:

  1. Send me an email, call or write indicating that you would like to arrange an interview. We will confirm a date and time.
  2. Interviews will be conducted by me and will last 60 minutes. Our chat will be easy and liberating.
  3. I will do all the work by listening and recording what you say. It will be dynamic, because Jesus listens, too!
  4.  An interpreter is needed if you do not speak English.
  5. After the interview, I will write your story and post the title to my blog. For example, “Jesus is my Superhero” by Alice Smith in an interview with Marysue Parlatori (April 2016).

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