This site invites you to:

1. Read enticing, exciting and engaging stories written by people from all walks of life. Their full stories will educate you about Jesus and his presence. See a list of stories on the Get a Story page.

2. Contribute a story answering the question, “What’s new with you and Jesus?”  Write a story, or arrange an interview.

3. Ask me to speak at a variety of events and for a variety of occasions. My overall goal is to keep families strong and cemented through stories that have a Christian purpose. I tell stories about those I collect, and I have 10 presentations. Each takes 45 minutes and can be applied at schools, workshops, conferences, meetings and reunions. Story titles are:

  1. “Stronger Families Through Storytelling”
  2. “Trouble in the Family: Stories Bring Solutions”
  3. “Why Jesus was a Good Storyteller”
  4. “Smile, Laugh, Tease, Roar: Throw Some Humor into Your Story”
  5. “Grampa, Tell Me the Story You Told Last Time, or How To Remember
    What You Told Last Time”
  6. “Technology, A Thief or a Treasure in Storytelling”
  7. “Activities that Activate Storytelling”
  8. “Mom, What was it Like When You were a Baby? A Perfect Set-Up for
  9. “50, 60, 70, 80 Years Old – Don’t Wait to Tell Your Story”
  10. “My True Story: Growing Up with Five Brothers and Nine Sisters”

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