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Please email me stating the title and the author of the story you would like. Stories highlighted in aqua appear on this blog. View a running list of these stories on the home page.


  • “Praying on the Go” by Anonymous
    • “Praying eases my guilt and builds my confidence.”
  • “I Can’t Do Enough for Jesus Through Mary” by Peter Skocik
    • An ardent, creative man stands firmly with the Legion of Mary.
  • “Society Needs to be Uncomfortable in her Comfort” by Daniella Neri
    • High school students are eager to crusade for Jesus.
  • “Rebel with a Cause” by Kathy Jankovic
    • Questioning what seems wrong leaves a follower lost and looking for a church.
  • “How I Love Those Orange Cones” by Gemma Cummings
    • God’s plan manifests itself in a near fatal car incident.
  • “I Want Everyone to Know” by Carol Osborn
    • One can live life as a prayer centered through the family.
  • “Morning Prayer Time” by Art Renaud
    • Jesus will hear you if you slow down.
  • “My Testimony” by Alice Smith
    • From farm girl to suburbanite, this tells a story that is hot and cold toward Jesus.
  • “What’s New With You and Jesus?” by Alice Smith
    • This tells the story of what happened in answering the Pope’s call to evangelize.
  • “Where is God?” by Tom Loftus
    • Jesus is forever present, but Tom is doubtful.
  • “Finding the Right Kind of Love” by Carol Schubert
    • It took a crisis to turn to Jesus for the right kind of love.
  • My Personal PhD: Philosophy of Heavenly Data” by Alice Smith in an interview with Anonymous
    • “At last, forgiving myself for my wrongdoings brought peace.”
  • “Silent Serenity” by Valerie Loftus
    • It is better to train yourself not to be angry.
  • “The Upside of Being an Orphan” by Patricia Howell
    • Two children are orphaned when Dad is killed and Mom is unprepared to care for them.
  • “Be More in the Church” by Vince Zaprzal
    • There are endless opportunities to build a career working in the church.
  • “A Good Nervous Breakdown” by Gemma Cummings
    • Being born again provided solace before going totally crazy.
  • “Butterflies Take Flight” by Alice Smith in an interview with Donna Schultz
    • Giving birth transformed a confused teenager into a faith-filled, mature adult.
  • “A Better Face of Jesus” by Father Ezra Sullivan, O.P.
    • Viewing Rembrandt’s Faces of Jesus makes Jesus appear more human.
  • “Come Back Later” by Alice Smith in an interview with Bernice Murphy
    • She was ready to die. Jesus said, “Later.”
  • “A Discerning Bachelor” by Alice Smith in an interview with Mike Evans
    • A military veteran now follows his marching orders from Jesus.
  • “Strolling with Jesus” by Diane Jeremias
    • She accepted a pregnancy loss with Jesus’ help.
  • “Jesus is My Mastercard” by Alice Smith in an interview with Ellen O’Hara
    • A high school teacher equates her gift of faith to her good fortune.
  • “The Less I Understand” by Geraldine Guadagno
    • When you have a bad day, lift your burdens to Jesus.
  • “Mary, Medjugorje, Me” by Laura Bothwell
    • Through Mary, Jesus works to bring purpose and faith to a young woman.
  • “I’m Young, I’m Lucky” by Lauryn Smith du Toit
    • A college senior decides she is faithful through nature.
  • “Drunk on Jesus” by Linda O’Dea
    • It’s better to be drunk on Jesus than drunk on alcohol.
  • “My Own View of Special Education” by Lisa Oddo
    • If parents provide examples to be faithful, adult children will eventually follow.
  • “Just Talk” by Alice Smith in an interview with Sadie Brown
    • Special circumstances create a perfect environment for a gut-wrenching confession.
  • “Traffic Light” by Arthur Renaud
    • Through poetry, we learn what to do at the stop light.
  • “Culture, Clash and Christ” by Anonymous
    • Reared as a Hindu, this remarkable woman faces difficult challenges and credits Jesus for her sanity.
  • “Jesus is My Superhero” by Alice Smith in an interview with Marysue Parlatori
    • This stereotypical retiree is just the opposite.
  • “Amos, Your Prophecy is Working” by Alice Smith in an interview with Mercie Woolfolk
    • Feeling clueless, life takes meaning with the Bible and faith.
  • “Was I That Stubborn?” by Rachel Wurtsbaugh
    • Desperate for help, Jesus delivers a forceful hand.
  • “Come for My Children Now” by Alice Smith in an interview with Roland Renaud
    • A son remembers his father’s words and actions in order to become closer to Jesus.
  • “Jesus, Soliciting?” by Joanne Regnier 
    • In a heated argument, Jesus appears as a solicitor.
  • “Spontaneity Brings Good Results”  by Alice Smith in an interview with  Kathryn Mauter
    • When the Lord said, “Enough, Kathryn,” she changed.
  • “I Knew Jesus as a Child” by Blessing Steele Irvin
    • Growing up with Mom as the pastor.
  • “Turn and Face Me” by Michael Bruntz
    • Dark thoughts changing moment to moment.
  • “A Mature Disciple” by Alice Smith in an interview with Geoffrey Kuhlman, MD
    • Bringing Jesus to medical practice.

Check back for new additions. One might be yours!

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