“My Personal PhD: Philosophy of Heavenly Data” by Alice Smith in an interview with Anonymous

Illustration by Beth Pukala

Leaving a shiny, white, cool car, she entered my house, and within seconds my female antennae observed a beautiful woman in a professionally laundered white blouse, chic blue jeans with a sharp crease in the middle of each leg and classy loafers carrying a Ralph Lauren original. She beamed a gorgeous smile while I took a step back to take it all in. Later, I noticed the golden highlights in her auburn hair, and I turned this beauty over to Jesus. Thank you for this outward beauty, Lord! Now, help me discover her inner beauty. Seated in my favorite spot, she told me her story…

I’m Polish through and through. Like Adele sings in The River Lei, being Polish is “in my roots, it’s in my veins, it’s in my blood.” Of course, it’s easy to be Polish in Milwaukee! With my four sisters and three brothers, I carry on Polish customs, songs, stories and food at all family events and during the holidays. I have been in many Polish homes, but mine had the most religious statues, paintings, pictures, books and knickknacks.

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