Where’s Alice

Check back often to see how I live in pursuit of liberty and happiness. What I do from day to day is done with sheer joy and praise for Jesus.

From 5 to 8 a.m., I work on my business, What’s New With You and Jesus? This time includes prayer and abiding in Jesus’s plan for me.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., I attend meetings, plan future events and take care of family commitments, like children, spouse, dog, house, and boat.

My goals for 2017 are to make appearances at conferences, workshops, and meetings and to publish stories in magazines.

I feel tremendous about my accomplishments in 2016. They include the start of Soul Snackin’, a cable TV show with Dr. Mary Amore from Mayslake Ministries; attending a Life in the Spirit seminar under the direction of Deacon Phil Heitz and Norma Heitz; and later giving a testimony about how the Holy Spirit has intervened and helped me in so many ways. The October workshop at Mayslake Ministries proved to be a success.

Don’t ever hesitate to contact me. I manage my time well and don’t procrastinate. Here’s an idea of my upcoming schedule:

I am working with Marie Patrone from St. Isadore’s parish to present a motivational speech and to conduct a workshop. Marie directs a group called GROWING. It asks participants to think of their relationship with Jesus as growing and maturing. This is exactly what I am asking from my participants. I will continue to collect stories, write, and edit.

I now serve as a director on the Mayslake Ministries Board. Where will the Lord send me via this connection? I made a very unusual proposal for a fundraiser. With prayer and a lot of attention to details, this will be a winner.

I am writing 16 devotionals for a yearly Marian devotional to be published by Our Sunday Visitor. All of this is under the direction of Dr. Mary Amore, Executive Director at Mayslake Ministries. The book, Everyday With Mary, is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

I have a new product. It is my focus to promote and feature this in 2018. It’s called “Don’t Forget Your Spiritual Will.” It’s the same idea as a financial will where you designate to whom you are leaving your assets. A spiritual will is asking you to document to whom you are leaving your religious assets, i.e., your bible, your decorative art, medals, rosaries, special collections (such as angels), etc. Contact me to make this a reality.

Gina Sannasardro is a former student and Christian coach. Gina reached out to me to tell me about her new ministry, Peace, Joy and You. She has a dynamite website and a promising future.

I am now on a two-year cruise with my husband. With the wonders of technology, I can continue to collect stories, edit, and publish.

If you would like me to speak at an event, contact me. Please include event details, and I will respond quickly.

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