Where’s Alice

Well friends I have been on hiatus for a while.  I’m blogging a little but there is a reason – a good one – for not staying with the program.  I am cruising on my sailboat in the Western Caribbean.  Checked into Mexico Dec. 2nd and I am still discovering Belize and Gautemala.  The internet is not as available as I think it should be.   I will be committed to this cruising life until 2019.  So for now, stay close to me and keep thinking about Jesus as the reason for being.  Check back often to see how I live in pursuit of liberty and happiness. What I do from day to day is done with sheer joy and praise for Jesus.

I will continue to collect stories, write, and edit. I haven’t found many boaters who are willing to share their stories.  But, miracles can happen!!

Have you ordered the devotional, Everyday With Mary.  I contributed 12 devotionals.The book, Everyday With Mary, is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

I have a new product. It is my focus to promote and feature this in 2018. It’s called “Don’t Forget Your Spiritual Will.” It’s the same idea as a financial will where you designate to whom you are leaving your assets. A spiritual will is asking you to document to whom you are leaving your religious assets, i.e., your bible, your decorative art, medals, rosaries, special collections (such as angels), etc. Contact me to make this a reality.

If you would like me to speak at an event, contact me. Please include event details, and I will respond quickly.

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