Hello, everyone! My name is Alice, and this is my story.

I left teaching in 2009, sailed the Caribbean for two years and started What’s New With You And Jesus in 2015. Today, I am responding to Jesus’ messages, which say your teaching, sailing and evangelizing can mesh. Be a storyteller, story collector and Christian writer.

When Jesus knocked at my door, I did not answer right away. I thought, “Really? You want me to ask people how they relate to you?”  When Francis was elected Pope, I finally answered the “door.” If it had been a special delivery letter, Pope Francis would have written, “Get off your butt. Use your talents. Do something!” Pope Francis calls this evangelizing (Christ is Our Hope Magazine, January 2015, p. 23).

“Get off your butt” is my way of saying I have a lot of energy. “Use your talents” is my way of abiding in the Lord’s blessings. I know I am creative and that I have effective management and communication skills. “Do something” is my way to spread good news via story collecting, storytelling and writing. It is all about making Jesus relevant.

Marriage, motherhood and a mortgage were not going away in the late 1970s. That’s when I decided to earn my master’s degree in Home Economics Education at the University of Rhode Island. After I graduated, employment looked hopeful at URI, but that ended when my husband accepted a promotion in Illinois. Part-time adjunct positions at the College of DuPage and Oakton Community College kept me in the loop.

Then bam! My husband and I opened a hardware store. Nails, hammers, paint and screwdrivers filled my day. When a good friend said, “Alice, we need you back in education,” I decided to go back. District 88 offered me a job. I accepted Jesus’ plan for me.

I always knew stories and writing would creep into my life. Now is the time.

I have written family newsletters, homeowner’s association newsletters, president’s messages, poems, limericks and magazine articles (for instance, I have a piece in Christ is Our Hope Magazine—please email Magazine@DioceseOfJoliet.org to read my article, titled “A Good Time to Pray and Sing,” published on pg. 22 of the August 2012 issue). I have a long way to go before I become a published author.

Needing a way to practice my leadership skills, I gave hours and hours of time as a newsletter editor, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, vice president and president to my professional organization, The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

If I am not at home, you will find me at the local Museum. I am a history buff, an Historical Commissioner from 2011-2016 and active in the Addison Historical Society.

The Women’s Club keeps me grounded and makes me laugh.

Women Aglow and my extraordinary Bible Study group grinds away at my need to know more and keeps me spiritually nourished. My church blesses me with opportunities to be a lector and to clean up after the homeless leave the shelter.

Mayslake Ministries is a new opportunity for me to serve the Lord.  As a member of the Board of Directors I gain valuable experience from very talented people who care about Mayslake’s mission: to foster spiritual life.  I suggested a cable television program and I now co-host Soul Snackin’ with Dr. Mary Amore.  Visit mayslakeministries.org and click on “media” to see how we foster spiritual health.

And guess what? I made a New Year resolution to spend one less hour a day in front of the television. That’s 365 more hours in a year collecting stories, telling stories and writing stories. I will tell you more about me through my website. Visit it often, and connect on social media.

Remember—everyone has a story to tell.

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