“Traffic Light” by Arthur Renaud

stop light
Illustration by Beth Pukala

I can assure you I’m no Robert Frost,

He would take my poems and give them a toss.

In the trash can they would go,

I guess that’s the best place for them, you know.

I’m totally an amateur I have to say,

But, the Lord gave me this urging anyway.

So, I’ll keep trying now and then,

Little things that come to mind, I’ll pen.

I enjoy the time spent quite a lot,

And expect the outcome may wrought.

This is a little thing that I do,

That I’d like to share with you.

At stop lights I come to during the day,

Instead of waiting, a little prayer I say.

It helps keep Jesus on my mind,

As I wait for the green light to shine.

Then I thank him as I continue through,

It’s a little something we can all do.

Make up your own prayer that sounds right,

And say it at the stop light.

Note from Alice: Art and I banter back and forth via email. His topic is poetry; mine, prose. Since he is my older wise and well-respected brother, I’ll take his advice. Here it is. “I was thinking while I was snowplowing the yard this morning that the poem I sent doesn’t have to be in the form of a poem. You could write an article on using our time, even at stop signs, to pray. Why not say or think or sing little prayers like ‘My Jesus Mercy or Sacred Heart of Jesus, help us to love you more and more?’ You can come up with many little prayers, I’m sure, that you could pass on to your readers, along with the thought that we can pray just about anywhere. I’ll let you take it from there.” Amen, Art. Amen!

Biblical Note: “…choose today whom you will serve…as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (NLT)

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