“A Better Face of Jesus” by Father Ezra Sullivan, O.P.


The human face is always fascinating. A person’s interior life can be revealed through his or her face, because the face has a language of its own. Without words, the way we look, smile, sneer, cock our heads, wink, and wiggle our eyebrows speaks to others and manifests our interior lives—whether we are happy or sad, curious or cowardly, scheming or serene. Whenever I see a photo or a painting, I am always drawn to the faces first. That is why my relationship with Jesus entered a deeper dimension with the help of the great artist, Rembrandt von Rijn.

Not too long ago an exhibition of his paintings traveled to major galleries in the United States, and I was blessed to enjoy the fruits of this work titled, “Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus.” I discovered that Rembrandt’s art changed as his faith developed. In his earlier career, the artist depicted Jesus much in the highly refined…

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